There are two aspects to probate and estates. The first is planning for estate. The second part is administering your estate after you pass away.


Estate planning is comprised of two parts, while you are alive and after you are deceased. A plan for after you pass away includes a will. However, we try to advise our clients on how to pass most of their assets outside of their will through joint ownership and beneficiaries.

Though most people think of their will when they think of estate planning, part of estate planning also includes a plan for while you are alive. This usually includes a power of attorney for financial and medical needs. It can be critical to have a designate agent to help you your financial and medical decisions if you can no longer make those decisions.

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Many people worry about “probate” but do not know the purpose of probate court. The main role probate court plays is transferring a title of a piece of property out of the name of a deceased person and into an alive person. The probate process is really only necessary if there are assets that are in the name of the deceased. The most common asset that needs to be probated is a house. If a house is owned solely in the name of the deceased, the probate process is necessary.

Our office has over 50 years of combined experience of probate administration. We have experience dealing with almost any issue. We can evaluate your situation and help guide you through the quickest and most cost effective way to administer your estate. Please call to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can assist you.

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