Nobody enjoys getting divorced. However, our goal is to make this difficult experience as easy as possible while simultaneously protecting your rights and interests. Many people come to our office stressed and confused about what they should do next. We provide guidance and stability to an uncertain time in people’s life.

There are two aspects to a divorce. The first aspect relates to child custody, support and visitation, and the second aspect is dividing the marital debts and property. For more information, please visit our Child Custody, Support and Visitation page.

During a marriage, the married couple has acquired debts and assets. As a general rule (with a few exceptions) anything acquired during marriage is considered marital and will be divided. The debt or asset is usually considered marital regardless of how the property is titled. This means that the court will consider the house marital, even if the husband’s name is the only name on the deed. The same is true for debts. The debt is marital, even if the credit card is just in one spouse’s name.

When dividing assets and debts, essentially, the court adds up all of the assets, subtracts all of the debts, and then divides the net worth of the marriage in half. The court’s goal is to divide the marital estate in a fair and equitable manner. Typically, in a divorce disputes arise over which party gets to keep which asset, how much particular assets are worth, and whether a 50/50 division of assets and debts would be “fair and equitable.”

Our firm strives to achieve a fair but favorable outcome for our clients. We believe negotiating with the other side in good faith, with the goal for fairness, results in favorable outcomes, in less time (which means less attorney fees) and with less stress. Make an appointment to discuss your particular situation and how we can help you.

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